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A Perfect Gift Idea For Your Beloved Pets

Most of us love pets in our lives. We have them from the traditional ones such as a dog, cat or even a guinea pig or even a horse to the more unlikely ones such as a snake or mouse, but one thing is sure, they are all special! Why not celebrate the love they give you and your family by having a beautiful hand painted oil painting made of them?

The talented and creative artists of Portrait Painting Gallery will take a photo of your choice, and will lovingly create a unique and original, high quality Work of Art that will allow you to remember the wonderful times you have with your pet for many more years to come.

It will take approximately two to three weeks from ordering to receiving your painting. What you might want to consider is the number of people, the level of detail, and of course the size of painting which have an impact on the time required by the painter to deliver this high quality work you expect. Therefore, if the artist thinks it will take longer to complete your painting, the portrait painting gallery will contact you before hand to ensure you are prepared to wait.

The process from photo to painting is a very simple one: once the image of choice has been selected it needs to be sent to Portrait Painting Gallery who will have their talented artists transform this image into an amazing hand painted painting. Once completed an approval email will be send. And only once the painting has been approved will it be sent out to you ? anywhere in the world. All this at a very reasonable price.

Having pets around is a wonderful thing, more especially when these pets feel your love. Like us human, pets have feelings too and will show them to you once you deserve them. So have these paintings for your dogs, or cats, or even your snake, and see how they will appreciate your gesture of giving them these unique gift idea for pet present.