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Kim Kardashian Becomes the New Face of Skechers Shape Ups

Skechers Shape Ups have now become a household name, and are the first choice of toning shoes for style, comfort, and of course getting the lower body toned to perfection. It is only natural that Kim Kardashian should become the new face of Skechers Shape Ups, with a body which many would say is at the pinnacle of toned perfection. The reality TV star was bought her first pair of Skechers Shape Ups by her mum, to help her stay in trim on set, when finding time to get to the gym was a problem. She has been wearing the shoes for about 8 months now, and she is really feeling the benefit.

Kim sees the shoes as one of the best gifts to give someone looking to stay in shape and get toned faster, with the footwear also helping the wearer to lose weight faster. The new shoes feature many improvements from the original models which came to the market over 3 years ago. Skechers have improved stability considerably in the Skechers Shape Ups SRT, with the latest line of toning shoes now featuring an Advanced Stabilization Insole to provide greater support and stability in the heel. The heel is an important location to get right, as it is the part of the body which takes the full force of the body weight when walking, running and working out. The new heel unit gets the foot moving smoothly from heel to toe, with improved lateral stability to prevent any side to side movement when moving.

The most popular model is the Kinetix Response, and are those which are used by Kim Kardashian in the adverts. The shoes have a roll bridge in the midsole which improves stability, and a new Kinetic Wedge midsole to provide the muscle activation. A high traction outsole gives the necessary grip for polished wooden fitness studio floors, and Skechers have improved the style no end in this latest model. As with the other Shape Ups shoes, this model will make you stand up taller and straighter, thanks to the 1 A� inch midsole which helps to correct the posture and get the spine straighter and the shoulders back. That in itself can improve your look, and give you the confident walk and posture of Kim, even though the great tone will take somewhat longer to get.

The Shape Ups Kinetix Response can help you to lose weight faster, build up better body tone, and will cushion your joints and improve blood circulation, whilst bringing more flexibility back into the feet. All told they are an exceptional model, and some of the best toning shoes on the market. It may take you a while to get a body as good as Kimss, but the shoes will certainly help you get it faster.