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Million Dollar Quartet Discount Tickets

The smash Broadway hit Million Dollar Quartet reminisces about one of the greatest music collaborations of all time. The music throughout the show is decidedly rock and roll and will keep toes tapping for the entire 90 minutes.

If you are on the hunt for cheap Million Dollar Quartet tickets, read on for an overview of the show and information about location and play times.

Million Dollar Quartet Storyline

The entire premise of Million Dollar Quartet revolves around a memorable night in rock and roll history, December 4, 1956. It was on this day that Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins met Sun Records for an impromptu jam session. The musical is narrated by Sam Phillips (played by Hunter Foster), the founder of the record label. Phillips provides the background for the production, as well as some insight into the musicians and their careers as seen at this pivotal point - making cheap Million Dollar quartet tickets both entertaining and historically informative.

Despite the reflections of Phillips interspersed throughout, this Broadway show is all about the music. Performed adeptly by the cast, the audience is sure to delight in classics like "Fire," "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Who do You Love?" The entire performance will remind theatre-goers why these four names will go down as some of the finest in music history.

Who Should See Million Dollar Quartet?

The prime target audience for Million Dollar Quartet is the people who grew up listening and loving music from the fathers of rock and roll. Those who want a walk down rock and roll's memory lane will surely get their money's worth from cheap Million Dollar Quartet tickets.

The show also greatly appeals to the younger crowd, with upbeat music that many younger adults and kids might have heard their parents play at home. Indeed, discount Million Dollar Quartet tickets could easily inspire your teens to enjoy Broadway - and a night of musical fun!

However, parents of younger children may want to hold off on purchasing discount Million Dollar Quartet tickets for their tots, since there are references to drinking, smoking and sexual innuendo.

What the Critics Say

The critics mostly love this cast, with performers that have been together for the full two-year run and meshed well into their roles. Phillips is a favorite for many critics, with his flashy, almost cartoonish role that Foster plays beautifully. Joe Dziemianowicz says, "The cast of Broadway newcomers are a talented, high-energy bunch." Stephanie Zacharek calls Million Dollar Quartet "a dazzling raucous spectacle that sounds like a million bucks!"

Now Playing

On Broadway, Million Dollar Quartet is playing six days a week at the Nederlander Theatre on West 41st Street. Those in search of discount Million Dollar Quartet tickets will can find them online to enjoy 90-minute show runs without an intermission.