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Nike Dunk Mid Premio SB - Donatello - TMNT

The Nike Dunk Mid Premio SB - Donatello - TMNT is one of the products in the Nike 'Mid' dunks family. Other products in this rather large family include the likes of Nike Dunk SB Mid Beijing, the Nike Dunk SB Mid Premium Workwear, the Nike SB Mid Premium 'Television' and the Nike SB Dunk Mid Pro, to name but a few of Nike's Mid-sized dunks. I am personally a fan of these 'mid' dunks. But of all the Nike Mid dunks I have gotten to use over the years, I have to confess that it is the Nike Dunk Mid Premio SB - Donatello - TMNT that I have gotten most impressed with, and that for good reason.

Size-wise, Nike Mid Premio SB - Donatello - TMNT is a 'mid' dunk in the realest sense of the word, manifesting as it does, as something truly between a low dunk and a high dunk. The gradient on the shoe starts right from the front part, right after the point where the toes go in, and climbs gradually; to reach the highest point at the tip of the tongue, where the shoe meets the wearer's foot-trunk. Of course, this is the structure that one expects on a dunk. At its highest, Nike Dunk Mid Premio SB - Donatello - TMNT towers at just about half a foot, definitely not high enough to be termed as a 'high' dunk, but then again not short enough to be termed as a 'low' dunk.

Color-wise, Nike Premio SB - Donatello - TMNT is a colorful shoe. On my particular pair, I can identify at least 5 different colors. First is light grey, which colors the bottom part of the shoe's mid-sized sole. Then there is white, which colors the upper part of the sole. Further on is the black, which colors the patch which connects the various parts which make up the shoe's upper body. Finally, there is dark brown (which colors the patch where the Nike tick originates), and purple, which colors the Nike tick itself.

Talking of the Nike tick, as on all modern dunks, Nike has chosen to elongate it on this shoe; so that it originates on one side of the shoe (with the hooked shape), then goes all the way to the back of the shoe, to terminate on the opposite side of the shoe - with the sharp end. This approach to the Nike tick has come to be seen as the identifier of all 'modern' Nike Dunks.

For a tying mechanism, Nike has chosen to use a combination of the traditional shoe lace and a flap mechanism. This is a great departure from its other 'mid' dunks; where it typically tended to use the shoelace only. On Nike Donatello - TMNT, the shoelace is quite a short ten-hole affair, but this is supplemented by the flap mechanism, to make for a secure way which ensures that the shoe doesn't fall off when the wearer is walking.