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Tricks That Can Make Your Favourite Pair of UGG Boots Look New A

Some people are very fond of their UGG boots. When a pair of boots is extremely comfortable and they look good on you, you would like to wear them at most of the places. However, everything has a usage period. It will look new for some time. It all depends on the user's mindset that how his or her things stay well maintained. UGG footwear is very warm and stylish but if you wear them too much then they will suffer some damages. If you are wearing them in snow and dirty areas, their life span decreases. If you want to know the tricks of maintaining your UGG footwear then you will find some good techniques ahead.

Some people love their boots so much that they wear them until the shoes start losing their durability. One bad thing about these shoes is that after lot of usage they start giving out an unpleasant odour. Some tactics can retain their look and increase its life. When you are beginning with the cleaning process then you must first wet the upper surface of the UGG boots with a small amount of cold water. Do not make the mistake of fully putting the shoes in water. If the complete shoe gets wet, it may get damaged and lose its usual shape.

After you have wet the upper surface carefully, you will need a cleaning liquid that is used for cleaning suede leather. After that, you must take a sponge or cloth and dip the edge into the mixture. Clean the top layers of the boots with the sponge. Wipe it gently and do not rub it harshly or you may damage the texture and colour of the shoes.

After you have applied the cleaning mixture on the UGG boots, you should take a clean sponge, which must be dipped in cold water for a period. Start wiping the top surface of the footwear with it. When you are finished with the wiping of the boot's upper surface, you should take some material that can be stuffed inside the shoes; you can use tissue paper or newspaper for stuffing. Then leave them at a place that is not facing sunlight. Mix some corn flour with small quantity of baking powder and sprinkle it in the boot, this will take away the bad smell from its interiors. After applying these small tricks to your delicate footwear, you should be left with a pair of boots which look and smell as good as new.